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FAO is in talk with Amhara Regional State to provide support

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is in talks with the Amhara Regional State to provide humanitarian assistance in the Amhara region.

They also mentioned the effects of locusts on crops in the past. The head of state told the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) that the area was in urgent need of assistance.

According to Agenehu, the terrorist group is killing civilians in the occupied territories. He is displacing them; He said he had looted and destroyed property and was depriving citizens of adequate food. He called on t

Defense Force calls on #Tigrayan youth, militia to “surrender peacefully”

Ethiopia News: Defense Force calls on #Tigrayan youth, militia to “surrender peacefully”

The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (#ENDF) has issued a statement today calling on Tigrayan youth and the militia, who it said were being used by the T.P.L.F “as instruments in the destruction of Ethiopia,” to surrender peacefully. The Army also told the youth and militia to “stop being victims of” T.P.L.F’s “aimless war.”
It further said the Army assures that “if you surrender peacefully to the Defense Forces on all fronts, the Army will accept you, take care of you, will treat you if you are injured, and will facilitate for you to live a peaceful life with your families.”

The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (#ENDF)

Ethio Telecom Ethiopia Vacancy Notification 2021

Ethio Telecom Ethiopia Vacancy Notification 2021

It’s a great opportunity to work under them. The applicants who are interested to apply, they should apply before the deadline of application. For more information please check the below vacancy notification.


  • Term of employment: Contract.
  • Salary:  As per company’s salary scale.
  • Number of vacant post: 1
  • CGPA 3.2 & above
  • Required Position: One (01)
  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Job Location: Addis Ababa (ETH)
  • Required Education: BSc Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management or Level V in related fields. N.B (COC is mandatory) with at least two years’ related work Experience.
  • Field of Study: Civil Engineering,

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